Appeal Standards Are Changing For The Better


Dermatologist clinics in Sterling Heights have seen an upswing in patients recently. It might be the change of season that brings people in, or perhaps the fact that more people are getting into old age and want to keep their physical appearance up to their high standards. While these are contributing factors to the rise in patients, they do not capture the whole picture.

Upon close inspection, the real picture has to do with changing social attitudes towards beauty. The biggest reason why more patients are visiting dermatologist offices is that younger people are embracing treatment. This is a trend that exists across the country: more and more ladies and men under 40 are looking for ways to look and feel as young as they can, for as long as they can. Who can blame them?

Beauty Standards Are Personal

Patients under 40 are not coming in to try and match a socially proscribed vision of beauty that they desperately want. This was more common back in the 70s and 80s when notions of beauty were more traditional. Today, people are just wanted to look and feel their youngest and their best. This points to the most important point of all: that today’s beauty standards are subjective, not objective. Women under 30 are keen to get a lip injection so that they have more self-confidence. Or perhaps they have wrinkles in the neck that make them feel try this out 45 instead additional info of 25. Removing them is desirable if it boosts self-esteem.

Why, if given the opportunity, would one not remove the wrinkles from their eyebrows or the fat that will not go away from under their arms? If it helps give a person positive self-image, then it’s totally the right move to make.

This connection was not well understood by future generations, who also felt that the science of dermatology was not healthy or sound. Today these attitudes have changed because dermatological research has been done to show the validity of a doctor's practice. Evidence shows that dermatologists have an intimate understanding of the skin and how to keep it healthy and safe from harm. With a strong FDA that keeps risky products off the market, and a community of expert doctors that want the best for their patients, the dermatologist industry is as strong as it’s ever been.

More Injectables Are Coming on the Market

Historically, the most effective kind of dermatological treatment is botox. This might change over the next decade as other injectables come on the market and treat specific conditions. It will be exciting to track the changes in what people desire and to see if neck fillers will become more popular than neck lifts, for example.

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